As a young girl Ksenia used to vividly dream about having the most beautiful nails in the world. At four years old she began to study music and art, building a love for harmony, proportion and creativity.

In 2003, sensing an end to her career as a concert pianist she decided to follow her earliest dreams and open a beauty salon in the town of Faenza in North Eastern Italy.

Over the last 14 years she has traveled the world learning the techniques of Europe's hair and skincare masters allowing her to broaden the Faenza salon's original offerings of manicures and pedicures to include hair styling, facial treatments, lash extensions, and eyebrow shaping. Instilling in her salon the sense of overall harmony she used to practice in music.

As she opens her first US location in Santa Monica, the Faenza salon remains wildly popular with the local Italians who come from miles away for beauty appointments due to the salon's reputation and commitment of only using the highest quality products.